My goal with Everyday Book gives readers something new every day. Our team is searching something new every day to show you. We have selected basically some areas which can help people to live their life better, have some inspiration, the new word every day, something to laugh at, something which gives your brain to work. The only goal with this is to provide something valuable I readers.

             The logic behind this Idea is so simple. A few years ago I start reading, and by reading I was learning something new. Whatever I like from the book or talks, I wire that down on my computer and then print the best out of them, that was My Everyday Book. This is to remind myself that whatever I read is important and I need to follow those steps to actually learn and use them in life, to be better than I was. Then one day my friends suggest me that I must share this with others and this is where I landed. To reach as many as I can, I start this.

            Hope this would help you as it helps to me and my friends.